Rotary Style Shavers

Men’s electric shavers fall into two main categories: foil or rotary style. Men usually prefer one or the other. Most rotary style shavers are cordless—they are charged up with a plug charger or they are placed within a cleaning and charging unit. Some rotary style shavers are only meant to be used dry. If men prefer one that can be used wet or dry, they can expect to pay a higher price.


Popular Manufactures of Rotary Style Shavers

Men’s rotary style shavers are made by several different manufacturers. While Braun may pop into your head, they actually don’t make a rotary, their line is in foil only.

Some of the more popular choices for men include the Remington shaver. This brand will pop up into almost any shaver search first. The Philips Norelco is another shaver line that is popular. Lesser known makers are Salinic, Ragalta, Tizzy, and LuckyFine. You may find that many of these shavers are actually made at the popular shaver plants, but with a different name and slightly different casing. These unknown brands are cheap, so the buyer should beware, as chances are that they won’t be around next year, when your shaver conks out before the warranty is up.


Stick to Popular Brands of Men’s Shavers

Remington and Philips have a good name. It’s best to stick with these, as you know if you have any problems with your shaver, the manufacturer will back them up under warranty. It’s also far easier to replace parts for the known brands, and better for the environment to replace the rotary blades instead of tossing the whole thing into the trash because it doesn’t work as well as it used to.


Rotary Style Price Range

There is a wide price range for rotary style shavers. You can buy that cheap knock off for $20, which might last you three months, or you can start with a name brand for around $35. From here, shaver prices escalate. The more features they have, the pricier they are. Expect to pay more for ones with a pop-up trimmer, wet or dry usage, and a travel bag and cleaning brush.

The cleaning, conditioning, and charging unit is a small unit that plugs into the outlet and can handle all the maintenance tasks of your electric shaver. These are not interchangeable with any other type of shaver except for the ones that they are made for. These units add on about $40 to $200 more to the total cost of your shaver.

A man can get a nice shaver for around $70 and the entire kit for around $150. There are higher-end models that cost $400 and up, but are recommended for the businessman who already has everything.


How to Choose the Best Rotary Style Shaver

If you need a new shaver you may be overwhelmed with the choices out there. You can do your research in advance, and see what the Amazon reviews have to say first.

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