Philips Shavers: Innovation and You

Philips is one of the most recognized brands around the world. Besides their lighting and healthcare equipment, they have a popular range of men’s and women’s electric cordless shavers. This company dates back to 1891, and was started by Gerard and Frederik Philips. Today, their name is still present on their product line, unlike many other manufacturers who have constantly changed names over time.

The first Philips shaver was introduced in the 1930s, and was simply called “The Philishave”. In the USA, it was called the “Norelco”, which remains a part of their product line today. This shaver is rotary style, with a head that has cutters that rotate around in a circular motion. The shaver’s production line was limited due to the advent of WWII, and the company fleeing to the USA. In the USA the company was named “The North American Philips Company”. One factory remained in Amsterdam, where the family insisted that over 382 Jewish people were essential for the production of technology in the factory, thus saving their lives.

After the war the family moved their headquarters back to Amsterdam, where their HQ remains today, but they have many offices located around the world, including in the USA. Philips won the “Righteous Among the Nations” award after WWII. The original Philips family would be proud to see what their electric shaver line has evolved into during modern times.

In the USA, the line continues with their popular Norelco brand. Today’s line of Philips shavers are cordless, and rely on a cord or station for recharging. Many of the shavers come with a special cleaning and charging station, to make cleaning and maintenance of the shaver much easier, but you can expect to pay extra dollars for these additional features. Many of the Philips shavers can also be used for wet or dry shaving. Wet shaving enables the man to get closer to the surface of the facial skin, so that the shave is smoother, and the face looks clear of hair for longer.

Within the Philips Norelco 9000 line, Philips won the 2015 iF Design Awards for their unique and best Philips shaver design. There are many shavers in the Norelco line, including the 9700, which retails for around $300. For men who are looking for a more affordable shave, the 6600 is more affordable at under $130. This shaver has a shiny black plastic casing with red design, and it does include a Jet Clean system so the Philips buyer can still take advantage of the great cleaning and conditioning system that also charges up the shaver.

For men who can do without the cleaning and charging unit, the 6100 model is a basic Philips shaver for around $90. It has a dark black and blue plastic casing. No matter which price point of Philips shaver you choose, there are some great Philips shaver reviews. Each is

built with Philips patented flex technology, that enables the shaver to easily move and adapt to each individual men’s facial curves.

Philips has the slogan: “Innovation and You” which promises to reveal some great new shaver models for 2016.

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