Panasonic Shavers: Reliably Engineered

Panasonic is one of the more well-known manufacturers of electronics and personal care devices in the world today. They’re located in Japan, one of the leading countries for technology. Panasonic has the distinction of being the larger electronics producer in Japan. This includes their popular line of men’s and women’s electric shavers which are marketed to nearly every country in the world.

Like many manufacturers, Panasonic has a long and interesting history. The company began around 1955 as Matsushita Electric, named for its founder Konosuke Matsushita. In Japan products were sold as “National” while the word “Panasonic” was chosen to market its audio equipment to the worldwide market. In 1953, the first shaver was made. They originally partnered with the well-known Philips company, before splitting into their own brand later in the 1970s.

In 2008, all models from the Panasonic factory were called Panasonic shavers, and they dropped Matsushita and National from their name, regardless of world-wide or Japanese markets.

Today’s Panasonic shavers are highly powered, and they are cordless and rechargeable. Most of their line is made for wet or dry usage.

Panasonic shavers are built with a special motor that has a linear drive system. It has 13,000 oscillations per minute. It’s claimed that this keeps the shaver at full usage, even when the battery charge may be nearly at the end. The shaver will abruptly turn off when it needs to be recharged. This powerful motor also promises to give a clean smooth shave to a man’s face, and to not tug or pull at whiskers like other shaver brands as they slowly power down their charges.

Panasonic offers shavers at several different price points so that the entire market is included. A Panasonic shaver may be built with three blades, four blades, or five blades, with price being incremental.

Panasonic has its own patented cleaning, conditioning and charging station, which works with specific Panasonic models of shavers. You can expect to pay a higher cost for a shaver that has a station in the box.

Panasonic currently has about twenty-two electric shavers on the market, with new ones in the works for 2016. Panasonic shaver models generally have an “ES-“ at the beginning of their name.

One of the best Panasonic shavers is the Panasonic Arc5. This is an award winning shaver brand. This is pretty much top of the line, and you can expect to pay a premium price for the shaver and the station that comes with it. This is for men who not only want a premium brand of shaver, but want the latest technology, and something that looks good on their bathroom counter. The Arc5 has multi-arc foils rather than being a rotary-style shaver. It has a 14,000 CPM motor, which is higher than the other models.

Panasonic also has their Norelco line which features a basic shaver for a lower cost up to a premium shaver with a charging and cleaning unit. Some of the Norelcos in the line include the HS8420, PQ208/40 Travel shaver, and the 1160X/42.

Panasonic’s slogan is “A better life, a better world”. They are constantly living up to their good Panasonic shaver reviews to create the best electric shaver on the market today.

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