ES-LV65-S – One of the best foil Shavers on the market.


The Panasonic ES-LV65-S is from Panasonic’s premium Arc 5 line. This is an attractive cordless and waterproof shaver priced around $225, if found on sale, more if not. It features a gray metallic body with darker black panel in front for the controls. Each side of the shaver body is curved, making it easier to grip the shower, particularly if you’re lathered up with gels, foams, or creams. This shaver has a foil style head that gently tapers upwards.

Panasonic wanted to make their Panasonic Arc 5 line with premium features to justify the extra cost. Panasonic won the Men’s Health Grooming Awards in 2014 for this shaver. Since it’s a slightly older model you should be able to get some great deals on one. There is no cleaning and charging station with the ES-LV65-S, and Panasonic has focused its worth in the shaver.



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Panasonic  Arc 5 ES-LV65-S Features

panasonic arc 5Panasonic has spent money creating the best blades for this shaver. They are extremely sharp, and have been carefully honed at the correct angle in the factory for a fast and irritation free shave. These blades are made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel, and not nickel, which a large percentage of the population is allergic to. The ES-LV65-S has a sensor that can actually detect different beard thicknesses, and the motor will automatically speed up to adjust to different facial hair types and lengths.

The foil head on this shaver sits on a small neck that attaches to the main body of the shaver. This allows it to pivot and flex as needed, as a man shaves around jawline and cheekbones. It also provides additional comfort to the hand, as the vibrations can be annoying after a time.

Like most of the shavers in the Arc 4 and Arc 5 lines the ES-LV65-S is built with a 14,000 CPM linear motor drive. This will not only provide a smooth, effective shave that lasts all day, but it will also provide a more comfortable shave. This shaver weighs under seven ounces, so it will feel comfortable in the hand.

es-lv65On the front of the shaver is a more complicated LCD readout panel that lights up while the shaver is on. This one has 10 different stages, showing you where the shaver is at on a power charge. It will take about one hour to charge up, and this will provide about forty-five minutes of shaving time.


The button also allows you to switch into a sonic vibration mode, so you can more easily clean it under running water, which will remove those stray hairs that like to cling to everything.

In the package you get one shaver, one plastic head cap, a small cleaning brush, a charger cord, conditioning oil, and a zipper carrying case. The shaver has universal voltage for travel, but don’t forget to buy special plug adaptors for other country’s outlets.

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  • Great for use on sensitive skin for those who get shaver burn.
  • Works great on ingrown hairs.
  • Deals with all facial hair types efficiently.
  • Fast charging.
  • Price has come down making it a more affordable premium shaver.
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  • The shaver head is a little big and bulky.
  • The shaver is a little noisier than some other, this is due to the 1400cpm motor.
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If you’re looking for a premium shaver the ES-LV65-S is a brilliant choice. Like many we believe this is one of the best foil shavers you can buy, unless you are looking for a cheaper model.  If you would like a cleaning and charging station, the ES-LV95 is a good option as the performance is the same as the ES-LV65-S. Expect to pay a premium for this though.

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