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Men’s foil style shavers differ in that instead of three rotating blades, there is the one single foil. Beneath that foil are tiny little blades that snip off the whiskers. It’s up to a man’s personal preference as to which type of shaver he prefers. Foil style shavers are usually cordless and rechargeable, though Braun does have one that still has a cord for the older gentlemen who prefers older technology.

Some foil style shavers can be used simply dry, while others can also be used wet. Some of the wet shavers come with their own cleaning and charging station.


Popular Makers of Foil Style Shavers

Braun invented the men’s foil style shaver, and despite many struggles over the years, still remains one of the leading men’s manufacturers of shavers for men and women. Philips also has a few foil style shavers in their Norelco line. HD, Panasonic, Wahl, and Remington all make foil style shavers too.


How to Choose the Best Men’s Foil Style Shaver

Price may be one factor in buying a shaver. The younger man may wish to buy a cheaper model, while the businessman may not compromise on quality and choose a more expensive model.

You’ll want to decide if you need a cleaning and charging station, as it can add dollars to the price of the kit. If you’re simply happy using a cleaning brush and rinsing it out under the tap, you can save yourself $40+.

Just like with rotary style shavers, the prices can escalate to over $300, such as the Braun Series 9. You’ll have to weigh the cost against your budget.

Braun also makes some cool but compact travel shavers. Some of these run on batteries so you probably don’t want to use one every day, but they’re good for the odd trip here and there, or for when the power goes out.


What Other Features Can I Expect to Get On a Foil Style Shaver?

Foil style shavers may have special LCD readouts that tell you whether the shaver is on or off, as well as when the shaver needs to be cleaned, and how much battery charge is left.

Most shavers have a pop-up trimmer, but some of the very cheapest models may not have one at all. Many shavers in the box also have a travel bag and a cleaning brush. If the shaver is rechargeable there will always be a charger cord.


Which is better, foil or rotary?

It’s a personal choice for men as to which shaver they prefer. Often the shaver that they first have as a teenager is what determines their preferences over the rest of their lives. If you’re ever in a store and have an opportunity to try a foil style shaver on display, give it a try. If one works better than another and makes short work of shaving in the morning, then it doesn’t matter if you decide to toss the towel in for a foil instead of a rotary.

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