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braun series 7

The Braun series 7 799cc-6wd cc4 wet & dry shaver is a premium model  shaver for just under $250, but it has some nifty features not available on cheaper brands. Not only does this shaver make short work of shaving in the morning, but it provides a smooth soft shave without irritation, and the shaver is easy to maintain with the included cleaning and charging station.

The Series 7 range has 4 different models its made up from 4 different models and we choose this particular model due to its wet & dry feature and the included clean and renew system.

The 7 Series has been on the market for some time now bringing its peak price down to provide a great shaver at even greater value.

Braun Series 7 799cc-6wd cc4 Wet & Dry Shaver review

About the Braun Series 7 799cc-6wd cc4 Wet & Dry Shaver

This foil styled shaver is made with a medium grey plastic body and blue power on button. The sides of the shaver has anti-slip grips so if you choose to use it in the shower with soap, you won’t accidentally lose your grip.

This Braun Series 7 799cc-6wd cc4 wet & dry shaver shaver gives you three different shaving modes to choose from. There is extra sensitive, normal, and intensive modes depending on your morning shaving goals.

Even though the shaver is foil style its head still pivots around on the body. This enables it to adapt to the curves and lines of your face. This allows for a more comfortable shave that won’t pull or tug on your whiskers. The cutting elements within the foil are flexible and also move with your skin as the tiny holes capture whiskers and snip them off. This shaver can handle short stubble, 3 day long growth, and even those pesky hairs that insist on laying flat against your skin.


Cool features of the Braun 7 Series 799cc

braun series 7 799cc-6wd cc4 wet & dry shaver

The Braun Series 7 clean and charge station will help to maintain your shaver. The indicator on the shaver will let you know when it’s time for cleaning and charging. Simply place the shaver head down into the unit and press the button. You can go to work while your cleaning unit does all the work of cleaning, lubricating, drying, and charging up your shaver. It will stop automatically. The next morning you can take it out of the unit and it will be ready to go.

The cleaning and charging station takes cartridges that contain a cleaning, disinfecting, and conditioning fluid to keep your shaver functioning its best.



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  • Intelligent Sonic Technology – 10,000 micro sonic vibrations in each stroke help to capture more hair for a close and comfortable shave.
  • Personalize – Extra Sensitive, normal and Intensive modes to give peak performance on different facial areas.
  • Contour Adaptability – Flexible cutting elements and a pivoting shaving head combine to provide a comfortable shave gliding over your facial contours .
  •  Triple Action Cutting System – Twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer.
  • Cleaning And Charging Station – Full maintenance of your shaver at the touch of a button, making your shaver feel like new each day.
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  • Three shaving modes for a personalized shave.
  • Premium build quality – built to last.
  • Can be used both corded and cordless.
  • One of the best auto cleaning and charging systems.
  • Comfortable to use – glides over facial contours making hard to reach areas easy.
  • Stylish – sleek modern build.
  • Price has dropped considerably due to time on market.
  • Wet & Dry can be used in the shower and with gels/foams.
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  • Cleaning fluid can evaporate when not in use – reseal the cartridges with the cap to avoid this happening.
  • The shaver can be a little noisy for some people.

View customer reviews and the latest price and availability by clicking here.

Why the Braun Series 7 is one of the best Shavers to Buy

When you spend this type of money you want to know that you’re buying the best that Braun has to offer and with the braun series 7 799cc-6wd cc4 wet & dry shaver you get just that. The cleaning and charging unit will keep your shaver like new, so it will keep on providing a perfect shave, even years down the road. Check out the lowest price below or check out some other models from the Braun range, the Series 5 5090cc and the top of the range Series 9 9095cc.

braun series 7 review

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