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braun series 5 review
The Braun 5 series 5090cc is a kit that includes a man’s shaver and a cleaning and charging unit. The shaver promises Braun’s maximum performance, but allowing for good skin comfort. This shaver will shave hairs that other shavers may pass over, such as hairs that stick flat against the face.

Both the shaver and the cleaning and charging unit come in a dark black plastic body, with the shaver having a distinctive red racer stripe along the head.

This Braun shaver is built with pivoting and contour technology so that shaving time is decreased.


Highlights of the Braun Series 5 5090cc shaver.


There are some other great features built into this shaver. Braun doesn’t just toss together a shaver for sale, they study and implement the best way to shave a man’s face. Inside this shaver each of the cutting elements is flexible, so they don’t place undue pressure on the skin. These elements move with the curves of the face. They’re designed to remove the shortest stubble, or the longest three day growth.


Inside the foil style shaving head are three different cutting elements. Each of them has been optimized to serve their individual purpose. The middle trimmer is the one that will lift up and trim away those pesky hairs that lay flat against the skin.


More features of the Braun Series 5 5090cc.


braun series 5Besides the ability to use this cordless shaver wet or dry, the Braun 5 Series shaver also comes with a clean and charge station. Instead of having to manually wash out the shaver, you place it into this unit and press a button. It will automatically be cleaned, conditioned, dried, and charged up.

On the front of the Braun shaver is a battery level indicator, so you know exactly how much charge you have left on it. On the back of the shaver is a handy pop up trimmer that can be used to trim mustache, beard, or side burns.

This shaver takes about one hour to charge up for about 50 minutes of shaving time, but if you forget, you can do a quick charge which gives you enough charge for one shave.


Check out this great Braun 5 Series 5090cc shaver today!

The Braun Series 5 5090cc shaver is built with the best parts available and provides a quick and easy way for men to shave in the morning. It also has dual voltage and a travel lock so it’s perfect for travel. If you’re looking for a more premium model from the braun range check out the series 9 9095cc or check out the best price on Amazon below.

series 5 5090cc

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