Braun Series 3 390cc-4

braun series 3 390ccWhen you’re looking to keep your facial hair well maintained, you need to invest in a shaver such as the Braun Series 3 390cc-4. Braun built this shaver with all facial hair types in mind and works particularly well on 3 day beards.

The Braun Series 3 390cc-4 is from Braun’s cheaper 3 Series line with the 390cc being the top dog in the line of shavers. This device comes packed full of innovative and useful features which help to provide a close and irritation free shave. Read on to learn more about this shaver.

This shaver doesn’t break the bank but that doesn’t make it a bad shaver. The 390cc performs great, has a good build quality and looks fantastic for a lower end shaver. Those looking for a premium shaving experience with better features and a more powerful motor tend to go for the Series 5 or Series 7 models instead.

This device feels great in the hand; the rubber handle helps to absorb the vibrations from the device making it more comfortable for longer shaving sessions.

Features of the Braun Series 3 390cc-4

Wet & Dry: The 390cc-4 body is fully waterproof but can’t be used on wet skin. There are two models in the 3 Series line which can be used in the shower or with shaving creams/gels. So if you enjoy the occasional shave in the shower you may want to take a look at the 340s-4 or the 380s-4.

Battery Indicator: Nobody likes to run out of charge mid-way through a shave, thanks to the battery indicator, this won’t happen to you. The 390cc-4 battery indicator clearly displays the amount of charge left in the device and when the device needs a thorough clean.

Cleaning and Charging station: This is the biggest stand out feature on the device and helps it to stand out from some of the other shavers in the Series 3 line. The cleaning and charging station looks great on the bathroom counter and makes full maintenance of the device as simple as popping it into the station. The device will then be fully charged and cleaned using the alcohol based cleaning fluid cartridges which will keep the shaving head performing at maximum performance for longer.

Precision Trimmer: If you have a beard or goatee to maintain, you’ll be pleased to know the Braun Series 3 390cc-4 has one included.

Quick Charge: This shaver completely charges in 1 hour and 45 minutes but if you’re in a hurry and find your shaver has no battery the shaver can provide a full shave with just a 5-minute charge.

Save $50 off the MSRP now only $69.99!

What's In The Box?

braun series 3 390cc review
braun 390cc-4 cleaning and charging station
travel pouch for braun series 3 390cc-4
charging cord for series 3 390cc-4

This shaver comes packed with features and for those on a budget this is a really affordable option. All the above items come in the box with the Braun Series 3 390cc-4. For a shaver with a MSRP of $120, it’s available on Amazon for just under $70 dollars making this a great deal – too good to miss.

cleaning brush for the braun series 3 390cc-4
cleaning cartridge for 390cc-4 cleaning station


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  • Full maintenance is provided by the included cleaning and charging station.
  • Beautifully designed – Sleek modern look that won’t look out of place in your restroom.
  • Quick charge allows enough power for one shave with just a 5-minute charge.
  • Price – The price of this shaver puts this in just about everybody’s budget.
  • Performance – Deals with fine/medium facial hair types well with minimal passes.



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  • Shaver doesn’t deal with thick facial hair very well.
  • Pop out beard trimmer isn’t very efficient.
  • Although waterproof the 390cc-4 cannot be used on wet skin.

Final Thoughts

Braun’s 390cc Shaver is a shaver that won’t let you down. This shaver really packs a lot of punch and will give you the closeness you want in a shaver whilst being comfortable and affordable.

This shaver packs all the great features from the Series 3 into one (except the fact it can’t be used on wet skin) and for a cost of only $70 right now on Amazon it’s one you shouldn’t miss out on.

This is an entry level shaver from Braun’s wide range of products and is definitely a great option for those who aren’t sure that making the switch from manual to electric shaving is right for them. Pick one up today, with saving of over $50 you won’t be disappointed!

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