Braun Electric Shavers

Braun is a well-known manufacturer of personal care products for men and women, but they’ve had a bit of turmoil getting where they are today. The Braun company was started in the 1930s by a man called Max Braun. He was fascinated with electric technology and felt that there must be a better way to shave. While he knew the electric shaver had been made a decade earlier, he was positive that he could put his own twist on a German-made product.


A brief history of Braun electric shavers.

Braun already owned a manufacturing company so it didn’t take long for him to design a unique electric shaver with long power cord that plugged into a wall outlet. He was ready to make it for the consumer market, but sadly WWII came along so he had to shelve his idea for a while.

The Braun factory was destroyed in the war. At the end, the Braun family rallied and rebuilt the factory. The first electric shaver was released to the public in 1950 and it was called the S 50 Max Braun. This was a foil head style shaver with a long cord that had to be plugged into the wall to use.


How Braun became a leading shaver manufacturer today.

Instead of designing a rotary style shaver like other manufacturers of the time, Braun focused on their foil head style. This featured a foil that had hundreds of tiny holes where the hair would be captured and then snipped off. This is what set Braun apart from the others, and Braun has continued to create wonderful innovations in their entire product line.

Braun continued on after Max’s death and the company expanded into other personal care products for men and women, as well as small appliances.


Why you must check out the Braun shaver line.

Don’t let Braun fool you with their traditionally-styled men’s shavers. They have a full line of shavers that promise to provide you with a smooth clean shave. They’re one of the few lines that sell a travel shaver that runs on batteries too, for men who enjoy outdoor adventures where there’s no spot to plug in a shaver for recharging. Their ability to make men’s and women’s shavers for every lifestyle is one of the reasons why we’ll continue seeing them as a leading manufacturer for years to come. Check out the Braun Series 5, Series 7and Series 9.

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