Braun CoolTec CT4S

Braun Cooltec CT4S Shaver Review

The Braun CoolTec CT4S is a foil style men’s shaver that has a simple shape for a price of
around $150. It’s encased with a blue and black plastic body with anti-slip grip. The shaver has a simple power on/off button on the bottom front. The CoolTec is cordless and rechargeable. It can be used wet or dry, depending on personal preferences. There is also a separate cleaning station with this purchase, but it can be easily rinsed under the tap to clean too.


Must-have features on the CoolTec CT4S

Within the foil style shaving head are three separate floating heads. Each has a separate purpose, but when combined together you’ll enjoy a smooth comfortable shave. Each floating head moves independently of the other, ensuring that all hairs are snipped in one pass. Each of these three blades is made with SensoBlade technology. Even if the hairs are growing in different directions, one of three blades will cut them.


Braun has the only shaver that’s built with cooling technology. This means that not only does the shaver not heat up during shaving, but that it can purposefully keep the shaver at a cool temperature to sooth the surface of the skin. Braun utilizes its patented cooling technology to help the skin stay cool while you shave. This shaver is perfect for men who may find shaving with any type of shaver, blade or electric, a bit uncomfortable.


Detailed product description of the Braun CoolTec CT4S

Braun Cooltec CT4S best price

It’s simple to clean this shaver with the Clean and Renew system. You place the shaver head down and then press the button. Your shaver will automatically be cleaned, lubricated, and charged up for the next day.

The Braun shaver kit weighs about 1.3 pounds in the box. It takes about an hour to charge it up and gives you approximately one hour of shaving time. You’ll also receive one cleaning cartridge, a charger, cleaning brush, and a travel bag in every box.


Get one of these now!

The Braun cooling technology is one of the most unique features you’ll find on a shaver, and at this price point it’ll seem like a bargain, particularly with the great cleaning and charging unit that takes the work of shaver maintenance away from you.

If your skin feels a bit hot and red after each shave, you’ll want to buy the Braun CoolTec CT4s to eliminate this discomfort.

braun cooltec ct4s review

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