Braun Electric Shavers

braun electric shaversBraun Electric Shavers – With so many electric shavers available, you may feel overwhelmed trying to find one that’s perfect for you. When choosing an electric shaver, it’s important to do you research. Make sure sure the shaver you choose ticks all the boxes on the features you require.

Braun electric shavers don’t compromise on build quality and performance. Braun shavers are German made and the end result doesn’t disappoint.

Braun is an industry leader with its electric shavers. The Braun Series 7 Range for example has won awards and has been the bestselling shaver since it was released in 2010. Braun delivers highly efficient shaving performance giving the kind of closeness we’ve all been looking for.

If you are looking for a highly efficient shaver packed with innovative features check out some of the models below.

The Braun Electric Shavers are highly rated by customers who have purchased them and they continue to dominate sales year after year.

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When you purchase a shaver from Braun you are buying one of the best shavers in the industry. Braun electric shavers are incredibly durable, perform brilliantly and are great value for money. Braun shavers are built to last so you won’t need to worry about your shaver breaking after a couple of months of use.

Braun electric shavers are powered by an incredibly powerful motor providing a closer shave in fewer stroke, this results in a comfortable irritation free shave. Braun are a world leader in the electric shaver market and it’s incredibly difficult to match the performance.

If you’re looking for the most premium shaver available on the market you Braun’s Electric Shavers will be what you’re looking for.

Braun Series 3

braun series 3The popular Series 3 electric shavers from Braun offer six different models.

These six variations closely resemble each-other and the differences are minimal. The Braun series 3 is good value for your money.

Braun Series 5

Braun Series 5The Braun Series 5 shaver is a mid-range option which performs well and is a good a good choice for those looking for a middle ground between the series 3 and more premium 7/9 series.

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Braun Series 7

braun series 7The Braun Series 7 has won multiple awards with this line of their electric shavers. The 7 Series has been a best seller since it was released.

There are four different variations of this model and some have different features. Click below to find out more.

Braun Series 9

braun electric shaversHere we have the most premium range Braun has to offer, the Braun 9 Series.

This range from Braun has the most sophisticated shaver head available to date and is generally a step up from the highly rated 7 Series shavers. Find out more by clicking below.

Choose The Best Braun Electric Shaver For You


braun series 5 5090ccBraun Series 9 – The Series 9 picks up where the Series 7 left off with a stunning design packed full of innovative features. There are three models to choose from the 9093s, 9095cc and the 9090cc. Where this shaver really excels is its shaving performance. With the most advanced shaver head to date with customizable speed settings to really personalize the shaving experience to suit you. Braun Syncronic technology alllow the blades to vibrate 40,000 times per minute which captures more whiskers in a single pass. This allows you to get a closer shave with fewer passes of the shaver. At a cost of $300 this shaver certainly isn’t for everybody but if you like the finer things in life, you will love these shavers.

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Braun Series 7 – This shaver has been a huge success since its release in 2010. There are 5 different models in this line of shavers – 797cc-7, 790cc-4, 760cc-4, 720s-4 last but not least the 799cc-6. They all perform similarly, some just have different features from one another. These features include wet & dry functionality and a clean and renew system which lubricates, cleans and charges all with the touch of a button. Whilst this product isn’t top of the line its performance is comparable to the more expensive models available and is now a really affordable option which ticks most of the boxes where features are concerned.

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Braun Series 5 – The Series 5 is a good choice for those who aren’t looking to splash out on the most expensive options in this range. The range has three different models – 5090cc, 5040s and the 5030s. This product performs great it deals with fine/medium hair efficiently with minimal passes. The Series 5 also includes a 4 action cleaning and charging station helping to keep your shaver running like new by fully maintaining it at the touch of a button. The costs of this shaver have come down to a respectable $180 making this excellent value for money.

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Braun Series 3 – The Series 3 is the budget range although it’s still a killer shaver that performs great for its price. This range has 7 different models availble – 340s-4, 3080s, 3040s, 3050cc, 380s-4, 350cc-4 and the 390cc-4. The prices range from $80 – $125 dollars depending on whether you choose to include a model with the cleaning and charging station. If you have thick facial hair I would recommend choosing a different model as this shaver is more suitable to fine or medium facial hair. Customer reviews are very positive for this range as it’s incredibly cheap and performs well. If you decide to pick the Series 3 you wont be disappointed.

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